Portable DP2 System

The JB 117 and JB 118 are suitable to be equipped with a Portable Dynamic Positioning System (DP 2) that enables the units to operate between offshore work sites.

An Azimuth thruster will be place on each corner of the jack-up barge together with a power supply container. An additional 30’ container will be placed on the jack-up barge and will be used as a control room. Each thruster is fully retractable.

If required, the thrusters, together with the power supply containers and control room can be removed from the jack-up barge for world wide shipment. The units can also be installed on units and pontoons.

Key Benefits

  • Only in DP2 'mode' when needed - cost efficient
  • Portable system
  • Four retractable Azimuth trusters with approx 15t trust each
  • Easy to transport
  • Deployable world wide
  • Diesel Electric driven
  • Most suitable for infield moves
  • Developed with Veth Propulsion